• How do you measure up?

    your business
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  • Take a look at the future

    Set out your Vision
    and Strategy
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  • What they really think

    Surveys and
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  • A matter of balance

    Construct your
    Balanced Scorecard
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  • Success is not what you think

    Coaching &
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  • Can do; do do - not a Dodo

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  • Teach'm right

    Training &
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  • Don't reinvent the wheel

    Best Practice Visits
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“Our approach is to support business leaders through a combination of coaching and mentoring, introducing methodologies that include best practice techniques in a broad range of business development disciplines.”

At Compass UK we are passionate about supporting the survival, development and growth of businesses

Yeh! Well we would say that wouldn’t we, just like everyone else. – But at Compass UK we try not to be like anyone else. Perhaps a better phrase would be:

At Compass UK we believe in the Golden Rule “Do unto yourself what others would have done unto you.”

Over many years we have come upon numerous management tools, few of which provide a business with lasting benefits.

However, those listed here really work and our role is to help you adopt those that are appropriate to your business as part of your day to day activities.

If you would like to find out more, give us a call or drop us an email and we will arrange a free introductory meeting.