• How do you measure up?

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  • Take a look at the future

    Set out your Vision
    and Strategy
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  • What they really think

    Surveys and
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  • A matter of balance

    Construct your
    Balanced Scorecard
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  • Success is not what you think

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  • Can do; do do - not a Dodo

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At Compass we like to keep things simple and have produced a set of standard charges for our services. Twelve month Service Agreements represent savings over selecting services individually.

Initial VisitFree of Charge

Whatever it is you may be thinking of doing, we will need to have an initial visit to get to meet one another and discuss the business and what you would like to achieve. This will usually take a couple of hours after which we can agree how best to proceed.


Vision and Strategy£1250

Usually undertaken over two half day sessions and will include workshop preparation and output reporting and debrief.

Coaching & Mentoring£200/session

Sessions usually last an hour and a half or so and will vary in frequency between once a week to once a quarter.

Balanced Scorecard£750

Surveys and Marketing£750 to £2500

This can only be a guide price and will depend upon to what extent you feel you can undertake the routine work yourselves.

Best Practice Visits£150/person

Some of the set visit programmes are provided Free of Charge.

CPD, Training & Skills£2000

Once again, this is a guide price only and will depend upon to what extent you feel you can undertake the routine work yourselves.

Process Improvement£250

Charges cover identifying the Objectives, Deliverables and Scope of the project, creating a plan outline and helping to choose and brief the delivery team.