Data and Confidentiality

Compass UK hold your corporate and personal data in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998 (‘DPA’). As the data controller, we adhere to the principles listed below.  Data is:-

  • processed fairly and lawfully
  • processed for limited purposes
  • adequate, relevant and not excessive
  • accurate and up to date
  • not kept for longer than is necessary
  • processed in line with the rights of individuals
  • secure
  • not transferred without adequate protection

The information you provide will be used to enable us to conduct an appropriate analysis of your or your business’s needs, to provide a professional and comprehensive service and to communicate with you in an appropriate and timely manner.

Mentoring Code of Ethics

The Compass UK Code of Ethics has been produced to help ensure that both the Mentor and The Client conduct themselves in a way which respects diversity and promotes understanding and tolerance of those with opinions that may differ from one’s own.

It is the primary responsibility of the coach/mentor to provide the best possible service to the client and to act in such a way as to cause no harm to any client or sponsor.

To review or download a copy, see our Mentoring Code of Ethics