• How do you measure up?

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  • Take a look at the future

    Set out your Vision
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  • What they really think

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  • A matter of balance

    Construct your
    Balanced Scorecard
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  • Success is not what you think

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  • Can do; do do - not a Dodo

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Success is not what you think, it’s how you think!” – Having an opportunity to discuss over ideas and issues with a qualified Coach and Mentor who has wide and extensive business experience can be very empowering and help to unlock and maximise your own performance. Mentoring Code of Ethics

The Process

Meet with a business Coach & Mentor and agree the desired outcomes and expectations of your sessions. Agree to a number of sessions, the venue and their approximate duration.

The Output

  • An external perspective on the situation.
  • Independent and objective advice.
  • Access to specialist knowledge.
  • Increased confidence in decision making.
  • A focus on what is important.


Everyone should have a Coach