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  • What they really think

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  • A matter of balance

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  • Success is not what you think

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Our services are about helping business leaders take control of the future for themselves rather than having the future dictated to them.

Business Development

“I've worked with Compass on and off over the past 10 years and would recommend them for their tenacious approach to ensuring genuine business improvement.”Ian Leigh, Bergander Ltd

Benchmarking & Visioning

“Compass carried out some great benchmarking and strategic planning workshops with us. Their calm, methodical approach always gets results...”Paul Horner Managing Director - Advanced Product Services Ltd

Business Development

“Compass’s comprehensive review made us rethink the future of our business. We began a process of structured change that has impacted upon and modernised all aspects of our operations, helping us to become one of the best regarded practices in our field.”Ian Saddington, Director – DKP Ltd

Benchmarking and Development Projects

“Compass undertook a holistic Benchmark of the organisation that showed very clearly that there were areas of the business that were not performing as well as we had thought. Together, we developed and implemented a number of improvement projects which have been critical factors in our ongoing success.”Mark Lewis, Managing Director - Analox Ltd

Customer Survey and Business Development

“Compass introduced us to a radically different approach to undertaking a Customer Survey which showed us what our customers were thinking and how we could improve the perception of our service. As a result we introduced some key changes that had a measurable impact. We subsequently introduced this practice into other GSM Group companies “      Barry Dodd - Chairman GSM Group